Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Packing up... and making sure the family is ready!

Tomorrow I get to fly to Texas (all by myself!) to meet my new nephew. He's a precious five weeks old and I cannot wait to hug and cuddle that baby boy.

In the meantime, since Mommy will be gone for almost five days, I need to leave my boys (Daddy included) with a home that is sane. So today was laundry day. Yes, I'm leaving the house with every once of laundry done. I'm sure I'll come home to a huge mound of it, but that's ok- I should have some work to do after having a nice break!
I also made a list of all the meal options that are ready in the freezer...
  • Lasagna- made some last week and doubled the recipe, so there's a pan in the freezer!
  • Orange chicken and rice- a quick meal, thanks to Costco
  • Pizza- crust, sauce, and all the fixins are in the freezer
  • Sloppy joes- made a double batch of the meat and froze half earlier in the week; Dad just needs to pair it with quickside potatoes, and dinner is done!

Of course, my hubby always does a great job taking care of the kids, even if I don't have freezer meals ready, but maybe this will make it easier. However, if he takes the boys camping like he says he is, I'll have several easy meals for when I get back home!

I'm going to miss my little family, but eager for this mini-vacation... now on to packing!

See you next week,



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