Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creative Ways to Include Veggies

So here are a few suggestions I've recently read about to help get more vegetables in my children's diets...
  • Make vegetables interesting by serving them shredded or julienned. Mix shredded carrots into applesauce for young children, or put them on a peanut butter sandwich - with or without raisins - for older kids.

  • Start a vegetable garden so that kids can eat the veggies they grow! We'll be trying this with container gardening soon...
  • Add pureed vegetables into soups, spaghetti sauce, and casseroles. You'll get extra vegetable servings in their diet, and they won't even know!

  • In order to cool down soups that are too hot for young ones, add frozen mixed veggies. They will begin to think of veggies as a way of making their food ready to eat quickly!

  • A child may need to be exposed to a certain food 10-15 times before he'll actually eat it. Continue to offer a variety of vegetables even if your child refuses to eat them.

Hang in there!


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