Monday, August 10, 2009

At Grandma's... (& Grandpa's)

There are a couple of acres for two boys to roam, plenty of sunshine- and an occasional rain showers hat provides ample time for wearing frog boots and splashing in mud puddles. There is great food and plenty of it! There are lots of family and friends dropping in to say, "hello," and give hugs. And there are lots of family game nights; a few of our most recent favorites: Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, and Ticket to Ride. There's also the opportunity to spend a couple of days at the lake- lots of skiing, tubing, napping, visiting, playing in the sand, swimming!

Yes, we are having an end-of-the-summer vacation and loving it! I'm enjoying our last year before I have a kiddo in school and we are tied to a school, the beauty of having preschoolers. We're on our own schedule!

Happy August, friends!


Jana said...

WOW it sounds like your having a blast! my boy just turned 4 so no more toddlers in my house, can I just say take a million goes by way too fast. There is nothing like grandma and grandpas house!!=D

Life is good! said...

i no longer have to worry about school schedules and that is nice, but it's kinda sad having them all grown up- enjoy those preschoolers, before the craziness of life steals a large amount of their time!

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