Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feeding Frenzy for the Moving Help

We had some dear friends move away this week- to Chicago. It was a sad time, but a very busy time. Family and friends pitched in to help things happen quickly. Their entire 2000 square foot home was packed and loaded into a moving truck within a week and a half! It was amazing! We loved helping- because it gave us some last minute quality time together- and because they have helped us move several times (although just in-town).

On Tuesday, while the men loaded the moving truck, the ladies cleaned the house. I brought lunch over for all the help- and I must say, it was easier to feed 15-20 people than I imagined! I used a friend's pulled pork sandwich recipe which was so simply done in the crockpot overnight. Throw in some baked potato quicksides, and a big batch of brownies and fresh strawberries.... Wa Lah! I looked like a domestic goddess! Everyone raved about the food and were so grateful for a good lunch in the midst of the work. I was glad to do it- and I'll definitely tuck this secret away for next time I need to feed a big group!

And, by the way, evidently all I had to do was post about the cool weather, and it was whisked away. It's been in the 90's for several days now! The popsicles are being devoured!

Happy June- for a little longer!

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