Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meal Planning- Week 3 (more or less!)

So the meal planning is going pretty well. I'm not quite in the regimen of it the way I'd like, but we're getting there. Here's the meal plan for yet another week- I realize I'm late getting it posted. Once I get several weeks orchestrated, I should just be able to implement a rotation to keep it easy!

Monday- apricot glazed pork chops, baked potatoes, and asparagus

Tuesday- turkey soup, salad, and bread

Wednesday- taco salad with queso

Thursday- chili and cornbread

Friday- grilled hotdogs, chips, and applesauce (kids' choice night)

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Anonymous said...

Okay, after all your ideas I tried the potatoes! They were great and easy. We just put them simply with grilled chicken and brocoli and fruit. They were great and sooo easy. All the kids loved them. Thanks for the quick idea.
-garden fanatic